Carrick Institute

Carrick Exchange was an online service to support learning and teaching in Australian higher education.
A view of its metadata profile can be seen from the Carrick DSpace admin guide published by the project team in 2007.


NSW DET Learning Resource Metadata Application Profile (DETLRM)

June 2005

Education Metadata Handbook

Being developed (2006) by the AICTEC Metadata Reference Group
The Metadata Reference Group was established in 2005, replacing the AICTEC Standards and Interoperability Committee.
The role of the Reference Group is to:
  • provide input into the development of a Metadata Code of Practice for application of metadata across the education sector
  • support the work of Standards Australia's IT-019-1 Sub-committee in developing this Metadata Code of Practice
  • report to AICTEC on progress of the development of this Code of Practice.

Beyond Australia metadata initiatives

Element name: LOM data element
Name: name of the data element
Label: suggested label for the element for display purposes
Explanation: description/definition of the data element
Size: number of values allowed per element
Order: if order of values is significant
Value space: set of allowed values for the data element (list of vocabularies or references)
Datatype: format of the values, eg text, date/time, characterstring, etc
Example/guide: an example of how to apply the value

DESIRE Metadata Registry