The DCMI Box identifies a region of space using its geographic limits.
The DCMI Box encoding scheme is a method for identifying a region of space using its geographic limits and representing that information as a value string. Components of the value string correspond to the bounding coordinates in north, south, east and west directions, plus optionally up and down, and also allow the coordinate system and units to be specified, and a name if desired. A method for encoding DCMI Box in a text string using the DCSV syntax is described.


Western Australia:
name=Western Australia; northlimit=-13.5; southlimit=-35.5;
westlimit=112.5; eastlimit=129
Lake Jindabyne:
northlimit=5980000; westlimit=644000; eastlimit=647000; southlimit=5966000;
units=m; projection=UTM zone 55 south