The AGLS Document Type Scheme is a controlled vocabulary for document types for use with AGLS metadata.

A list of issues or activities as a schedule or program for an event, conference, forum or meeting.
A list of items for convenience of comparison, verification or other checking purposes. See also 'index'.
An agreement between two or more parties for the delivery of a product, provision of a service, or management of a resource.
Structured information encoded in lists, tables, databases, etc, which will normally be in a format available for direct machine processing (eg spreadsheets, databases, GIS data, MIDI data). Data may be numeric, spatial, spectral, statistical or structured text (including bibliographic data and database reports).
A structured solicitation of input from a user (eg comments, a survey, or an order). For forms used to provide a service (eg enquiries, registrations, or orders and purchases) use category=service and select an appropriate value from the list of service types instead.
government gazette
Regular formal publication produced by government that may include vacancies, appointments, bulletins, notices and legislative directives.
The primary purpose of the resource is to present factual information, advice or guidance about an organisation, event or service. Most general advisory pages on government websites will be of this document type. Use 'instructional' for resources that provide directions rather than information.
The introductory page or major entry point for a site on the Internet. In most cases an organisation will have only one resource of this document type, except where there is likely to be a public perception that a distinct business unit stands alone as an organisational entity.
The content is primarily a still visual representation other than text. Includes electronic and physical representations such as images, photographs, diagrams, maps and graphics. For digital representations of physical resources, use a more specific document type where possible (eg for a scanned media release – use 'media release').
Any listing of items or entries provided for reference or website navigation purposes, including an inventory, register or directory. Use 'dataset' for bibliographic data or catalogues.
Resources in which the primary purpose is to provide instructions or directions (eg how to write a report, how to obtain a copy of a publication, how to register for a service). Includes manuals, tutorials and quizzes. Use 'guidelines' for resources which have primarily informational content.
media release
Resources specifically designed to provide a brief public statement on an issue or event, via the mass media.
meeting minutes
A summary or record of proceedings of a meeting. minuteA form of correspondence acting as an official note or memorandum, usually recording an action or decision.
policy statement
A major formal publication detailing a course or line of action adopted and pursued by the organisation. Includes public accountability documents such as corporate directions and other strategic plans. Use 'report' for resources that convey the results of an inquiry, account for activities or document speeches and presentations.
physical object
Objects or substances (eg a person, a computer, the great pyramid, a sculpture, wheat). Used only when the resource being described is the actual physical object. Digital representations of, or surrogates for, these things should use 'image', 'video' and/or one of the other types.
Descriptive or marketing information about an organisation, or material that promotes products, services, activities or collections (eg 'What's New' pages, brochures). Includes announcements.
The resource provides an account of organisational activity or a speech or presentation. Includes statements of the organisation's opinion, a decision or the results of an inquiry. Use 'dataset' for database reports.
Computer programs in source or compiled form which may be available for installation on another machine. For software that exists only to create an interactive environment use category=service and choose the service type 'communications forum' instead.
The content is primarily an audio representation, which may be ambient, effects, music, narration or speech. For some audio resources it may be appropriate to use a combination of document types (eg a sound recording of a presentation - specify document types as 'report;sound').
A form of visual representation other than text, involving moving images. Includes moving pictures, animation or film. For some video resources it may be appropriate to use a combination of document types (eg a video recording of an exhibition opening – specify document types as 'promotional;video').