A task often as part of a lesson plan or larger unit of work - to help students develop or demonstrate particular knowledge, skills, and understandings.
Resource or materials designed to confirm achievement of objectives or outcomes.
A sequence of teaching and learning units, designed to achieve knowledge, skills and understandings in a particular learning area or discipline and to help students meet specified requirements.
Sets out the expected outcomes (knowledge, skills, and understandings) for particular levels, clusters of levels or qualifications.
Example of good practice as recognised by an educational organisation or authority
Lesson Plan
An organised sequence of student activities, teaching ideas and resource materials, designed to help students gain a particular set of knowledge, skills, and understandings in a limited period of time.
Online Project
Structured curriculum activity for students, using the internet (particularly web and email technologies). Built around a concept or theme, with a set duration and designed to meet curriculum objectives
Training Package
Set of materials designed to achieve industry-specific competencies and/or professional development outcomes
Self-contained segment of a teaching curriculum or training program covering a specific topic or a related set of topics

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Learning Quest
Learning Object
consider any activity added to Moodle etc