art, craft, dance, design, drama, entertainment, media studies, music
English literature (poetry, prose, plays), language theory, reading, writing, English as a Second Language, speaking and listening
english literacy
directly related to the development of literacy skills
enterprise education, innovation, development of skills and attributes that employers are looking for
health and physical education
human growth & development, physical activities, recreation, outdoor education, food, health
languages other than English
European and Asian languages, language teaching, culture other than English
algebra, chance & data, geometry, measurement, number
directly related to the development of basic numeracy skills
earth and beyond, energy and change, life and living, natural and processed materials, biology, chemistry, physics
studies of society and environment
australian studies, aboriginal studies, civics, citizenship, cultural studies, tourism, resource use & management, history, geography, economics, legal studies
information technology, information processing, materials technology, photography
values education
ethics, religious education
vocational learning
vet in schools, career education, industry specific resources

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