Values for AGLS.Availability

Values for DC.Date and DC.Coverage.Temporal

Date and Time Formats (based on ISO 8601) W3C Technical Note provides a summary of ISO standard for date formats.
This is the preferred format for date and date range fields, for example DC.Date and DC.Coverage.temporal.

Values for DC.Type

Values for DC.Language

  • RFC 1766
  • ISO 639-2
  • ABS 1267 1267.0 Australian Standard Classification of Languages (ASCL)

Values for DC.Rights

Values for DC.Subject

Values for DC.Format

Values for DC.Coverage.Spatial

Values for DC.Coverage.Jurisdiction

* aglsJuri

Values for EDNA.Audience

Values for EDNA.CategoryCode

Values for EDNA.Collection

Values for EV.Location

Values for EV.Mode

Values for EV.Accreditation

Encoding schemes to consider for edna

information type (National Curriculum Metadata Standard)
LOM Educational-LearningResourceType
3=Exercise 4=Simulation 5=Questionnaire 6=Diagram 7=Figure 8=Graph 9=Index 10=Slide 11=Table 12=Narrative Text 13=Exam 14=Experiment 15=ProblemStatement 16=SelfAssesment

Status (LOM)
  • draft
  • final
  • revised
  • unavailable
  • author
  • content provider
  • editor
  • graphical designer
  • instructional designer
  • publisher
  • project manager
Purpose (LOM)
  • discipline
  • idea
  • prerequisite
  • educational objective
  • accessibility
  • restrictions
  • educational level
  • skill level
  • security level
  • competency