National Curriculum Metadata Standard (UK)

Information type

Ass (assessment aids tools and/or advice)
Ex (exams)
Exp (exemplification)
Fact (factual literature)
Fic (fictional literature)
For (forums, chatrooms or other online collaborative environments)
Gd (guidance)
LP (lesson plan)
OSW (other schemes of work)
RevA (revision aids)
TB (textbooks)
Trn (training)
TT (tests and/or tasks)

Cross-curricular areas
SpD (Spiritual development)
MoD (Moral development)
SoD (Social development)
CuD (Cultural development)
KSC (Key skills: communication)
KSAN (Key skills: application of number)
KSIT (Key skills: information technology)
KSWO (Key skills: working with others)
KSIP (Key skills: improving own learning and performance)
KSPS (Key skills: problem-solving)
TSIP (Thinking skills: information processing)
TSRG (Thinking skills: reasoning)
TSEN (Thinking skills: enquiry)
TSCT (Thinking skills: creative thinking)
TSEV (Thinking skills: evaluation)
FC (Financial capability)
EES (Enterprise and entrepreneurial skills)
WRL (Work-related learning)
ESD (Education for sustainable development)

Cross curricula keywords derived from the Strategies

Teaching & Learning
TL-5001 Direction
TL-5002 Demonstration
TL-5003 Investigations
TL-5004 Whole class interaction
TL-5005 Consolidation
TL-5006 Differentiation
TL-5007 Using teaching assistants

Planning & Assessment
PA-5001 Starter activity
PA-5002 Main activity
PA-5003 Plenary activity
PA-5004 Assessment
PA-5005 Planning
PA-5006 Short term
PA-5007 Medium term
PA-5008 Long term
PA-5009 Teaching programmes
PA-5010 Teaching objectives
PA-5011 Progress units
PA-5012 Homework
PA-5013 Continuity
PA-5014 Progression
PA-5015 Transition
PA-5016 Unit plans
PA-5017 Intervention